Strategic Planning

Sound business strategy is at the heart of any growing, profitable and successful company. It is common for management to focus on the day to day KTBR duties and necessary tactical decisions while losing focus of the equally important larger long-term strategic viewpoint.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with the ever increasing pace of the global marketplace. Now more than ever organizations have to be agile, flexible, and constantly monitoring their performance to stay competitive and adapt to their clients changing needs. Often times the rigors of the everyday schedule do not allow for adequate focus and resources to plan and implement the internal changes needed to remain competitive and deliver value to your clients.



SGC examines how your organization’s core competencies can be innovated or augmented to create additional value through strategic planning and effectively implementing necessary changes to realize these benefits. We focus on important issues such as:


  - Are you reaching the most attractive markets?

  - Can you strengthen your value proposition to your clients?

  - What plans do you have in place to adapt to the changing marketplace?

  - Do you have a plan to grow revenue?

  - How are you measuring performance?


We provide the following services related to business strategy:


  - Growth Strategies and Succession Planning to optimize performance and drive revenue growth

  - Sales and Marketing Strategy that identifies most attractive markets and segments and how to access these markets

  - Pricing Strategies that take into account all internal and external variables to develop a plan to maximize value to the business and customer


                                             SGC Process

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